It’s a new era for advertising, as the old approach to simply placing adverts in well-chosen publications is increasingly recognised as insufficient, in this world of social media and digitalization. 

In recent years, smart advertisers have been paying attention to far broader factors when choosing a platform to host their promotional materials. Printed media can still be a powerful tool, but must be supported by digital platforms – because digital platforms are leading the way. By this, we don’t just mean that a copy of the printed publication should be available somehow on-line – we mean that you need to really make your media work for you across the board, to ensure maximum reach and penetration into your target market. 

This is our underlying principle. Primarily a digital platform, we provide daily news updates and feature articles on-line, supplemented with digital newsletters that go to our brand new, unique database of international industry professionals every week: a news bulletin comprising all of the past week’s news stories; and a newsletter comprising all recent feature articles e-published in a particular industry sector (e.g. pharmaceuticals, cosmetics & personal care, materials science, etc). Complementing these digital communications are our printed issues that are partnered with key industry events across the world, and which contain relevant news and articles pertinent to those events. 

Supporting those digital and print communications are you – our advertisers. We offer you a plethora of options to reach your audiences, from banners on the website, or in our news bulletins and weekly newsletters, to conventional printed advertisements in our printed issues. Your advertisement can be placed in the section of the website, or in a weekly newsletter, that is relevant to your industry sector, and we offer dedicated e-shot opportunities not just to our own database, but also to those of some of our partner events, maximizing exposure to your messages and brands. 

We are passionate about the industry, and we are passionate about communication. Our mission is to connect the speciality chemicals industry across the globe. Join us, and let us connect with you too. 

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