CPhI Japan

When? 18/03/2019 - 20/03/2019
Where? Big Sight Exhibition Center - East Hall 1, 2 and 3, Tokyo, Japan

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Big in Japan!

Japan’s pharmaceutical industry is the third largest worldwide after the US and China with a share of approximately ten percent of the world market and a value expected to reach $109 billion by 2026. Both the Japanese market and industry, however, have proved difficult for international companies to access due to a complex regulatory system and pricing process – yet this is set to change. The country’s domestic market is increasingly looking towards international options, while overseas companies are seeking to access its well-funded healthcare system.
In recent years, the Japanese market has opened itself to overseas trade and investment. The deregulation of the Japanese pharma industry has made it particularly attractive, as it allows for a speedier and more efficient drug approval process. The benefits have been so marked that international pharma manufacturers – who at one point were closing their research bases in Japan – are re-establishing R&D centres and increasing their investments.
Another factor to be considered is that Japan has the fastest-growing generics sector in the world. Japan’s Office of Generic Drugs was established in 2014 following a dramatic rise in the use of generic drugs. With a focus on enhancing and accelerating generics approval procedures, the Office is primed to nurture this market, which has been identified by the country’s government as being "imperative to Japan's long-term economic health." This leads to opportunities for external API suppliers, as more than 50% of Japan’s APIs are imported into the country for generic drugs manufacturing. As demand for generics grows, it follows that demand for APIs will also rise. Such overseas trade deals are supported by a deal signed in 2018 between the EU and Japan, which allows the two territories to recognise each other’s GMP inspections, encouraging quicker and easier approvals. As the Japanese government strives to boost generic medicine usage and increase foreign investment, now is a great time to enter this pharma market.
Gathering 20,000+ pharma professionals from 65+ countries, CPhI Japan is the ideal business platform for international pharma professionals to grow business in the Japanese pharmaceutical market. The conference programme features a blend of content legal, commercial and technical topics, and offers in-depth insights into the Japanese pharma industry. Hosting 550+ exhibitors from ingredients, contract services and biopharma, through to technology, packaging and machinery, CPhI Japan is your ultimate one-stop-shop for Japanese pharma solutions and partnerships.
CPhI Japan includes the following co-located events:
  • ICSE Japan is an opportunity for CRO and CMO companies to showcase their services to Japanese and Asian decision-makers.
  • P-MEC Japan presents the opportunity to showcase pharmaceutical machinery, lab equipment and analytical technology for the production of APIs and intermediates.
  • BioPh Japan presents the opportunity to showcase new treatment methods arising from biotechnical processes.
  • InnoPack Japan presents an opportunity to showcase innovations in drug delivery systems and health product packaging.
  • After the launch of FDF in 2018, the zone continues to grow for 2019.
  • The new natural extracts zone is an opportunity for suppliers of natural extracts to meet pharmaceutical and traditional Chinese medicine manufacturers in Japan.