Manufacturing Leadership Forum

When? 28/11/2018 - 28/11/2018
Where? Lindner Hotel, Antwerp, Belgium
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Premiere Manufacturing Event Returns to Belgium

The Manufacturing Leadership Forum, the leading conference designed specifically to advance the use of Industry 4.0 analytics to increase manufacturing efficiency and output, returns to Antwerp, Belgium on 28 November 2018.  In its fourth year, the Manufacturing Leadership Forum attracts and engages top manufacturing professionals and industry innovators with both visionary and practical presentations for recognized industry leaders and informative peer-to-peer interaction. 
“The discussions (at the Manufacturing Leadership Forum) are focused on the practical application of real-time analytics on the shop floor. How do companies, with little or no internal analytics expertise, gain advantage by using the right tools and data to better control or improve their operations with simply the knowledge of what specific problems you want to understand or solve.”
Keynote Presenter – Lloyd Colegrove, PhD, The Dow Chemical Company
Join subject matter experts, Dr. Lloyd Colegove, Director of Data Services at The Dow Chemical Company; Michael Guilfoyle, Director of Research at ARC Advisory Group; Jonathan Alexander, Operations Engineer at Albemarle Corporation, and others for an insightful and informative discussion centered on achieving results with Industry 4.0 manufacturing analytics. Each expert will share their hard-earned best practices and quantified benefits related to implementing scalable and sustainable manufacturing analytics.

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Speakers’ Perspectives

How does the Manufacturing Leadership Forum differ from other conferences?
Lloyd Colegrove, PhD, The Dow Chemical Company: The discussion is focused on the practical application of real-time analytics on the shop floor. How do real people, with little or no analytics background, gain advantage by using the right tools to better control or improve their operations with no PhD in predictive analytics required – simply the knowledge of where your data sits and specific problems you want to understand or solve.

How important are the peer-to-peer exchanges enabled at The Manufacturing Leadership Forum?

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Jonathan Alexander, Albemarle Corporation: In our day-to-day work environment, we get surrounded with familiar people, processes and cultures. While this provides a great platform for promoting sustainability and building relationships, it can create an atmosphere of contentment that prevents us from ever challenging the status quo or seeing new ways to solve existing issues. The Manufacturing Leadership Forum provides that opportunity. Through the peer-to-peer networking along with the presentations from industry experts, the forum challenges that status quo and strives to push attendees to think outside the box. Going along with Industrie 4.0 concepts, the Manufacturing Leadership Forum strives to leverage the increasing capabilities within technology to challenge past practices of manufacturers and ignite a desire for continual improvement.

What's the overall impact of The Manufacturing Leadership Forum?
Lloyd Colegrove: When I first went out into the industry to seek a way to use my data better, no one knew what I was talking about. And although everyone conceded it might be a good thing to work on someday, I didn’t want to wait. As practices grow in the area of operational data and data contextualization real-time, I hope that the chemical industry will build a body or practice that we can all use to become better stewards of our environment, our health and safety, and our customer’s needs. In the Manufacturing Leadership Forum, practical examples are discussed, and a common understanding by all is gained. 
Jonathan Alexander: The Manufacturing Leadership Forum does not just benefit a few companies, but actually challenges the entire industry to re-examine how to better use data and analytics to drive manufacturing excellence and better service our customers. At the Forum, we are reminded that if we don’t join this journey, we will be at a competitive disadvantage in the market. By leveraging innovative ideas with rapidly expanding technologies, the fight to dominate our own market space will force the entire industry to new and exciting levels.