ALFA Smart Agro opens new logistics complex

26th March 2019

ALFA Smart Agro has opened a new $80 million faclity for the storage of plant protection products. The facility is designed to hold 4600 tons of product, and is a universal centre for the storage of plant protection products. The new 3300 m2 logistics complex is located in the town of Bila Tserkva near ALFA Smart Agro's Bila Tserkva Plant.

Plant protection products require special storage conditions, so the warehouses are equipped with modern heating and ventilation systems, which support the special climate regime during the year. Even in winter, the temperature is maintained at +8°C. Thus, the company eliminates the possibility of loss of product quality during its storage and guarantees the safety of the environment. The company also cares about the comfort of the workers, so powerful air purification system works automatically.

In addition, a high-tech fire safety system has been installed. Powder fire extinguishing cylinders are located on the ceiling above each rack, between racks, and also on all side walls. Sensitive sensors respond instantly to the slightest threat.

A separate part of the complex is the zone of the customs-licensed warehouse. The availability of MLS allows the company to optimize the procurement of raw materials for the production of SZR, as well as to provide operational deliveries of finished products in accordance with the seasonal needs of Ukrainian agrarians.

The start of the new logistics complex ALFA Smart Agro is an important event for Ukrainian agricultural producers. It will become a key link in the interaction between ALFA Smart Agro and its partners, guaranteeing a new level of product quality and shipping efficiency.