BASF launches Ventigra insecticide to combat increasing pest pressures

19th March 2019

BASF’s newest insecticide for the ornamentals market, Ventigra insecticide, is now available. With a unique mode of action, it will be an excellent resistance management tool for nursery and greenhouse growers, providing precision-targeted pest management of piercing-sucking insects like whiteflies, aphids, mealybugs and scales.


“Today’s growers face increasing pest pressures as well as widespread insecticide resistance from overuse of current products,” said Dave Poling, U.S. Marketing Manager, Professional & Specialty Solutions, BASF. “Ventigra insecticide is a precise, powerful and progressive pest management solution that delivers results, helping growers maintain sustainable practices and produce high quality plants.”

Ventigra insecticide’s chemistry and unique formulation work by moving through the leaf to control pests that live and feed on the underside of leaves, providing exceptional activity. Its fast onset of action causes insect feeding to quickly stop, limiting the spread of plant damage and transmission of viral pathogens, while also delivering long residual control. In addition, Ventigra insecticide works alongside beneficial insect populations like pollinators and predatory mites in grower operations and is not expected to have long term impact on bee populations, including colony health and development.  

“Ventigra insecticide provides quick knock-down of aphid and whitefly populations,” said JC Chong, Extension Specialist, Turf and Ornamentals Entomology, Clemson University. “When applied at the label rates, it significantly reduced the numbers of aphids and whitefly nymphs within three days of application – providing at least 28 days of control for both pests.”