Precision Laboratories launches new seed coating polymer

2nd December 2019

Precision Laboratories is adding a new seed coating polymer to the PRISM line. PRISM SCP2020 is designed for optimized coverage, minimum dust-off, maximum retention of actives, improved seed flow and enhanced plantability.

PRISM SCP2020 improves seed to seed uniformity and treatment delivery. The minimum dust-off feature delivers enhanced operator and environmental safety along with treatment efficacy. This also maximizes retention, ensuring that the active ingredient is delivered to the field for treatment performance. Improved seed flow reduces treater bridging for application and planting ease, which can ultimately improve stand and yield.

“SCP2020 is an exciting new seed coating polymer offering that provides multiple benefits to the seed processor and grower,” says Dr. Rob Osburn, product manager. “With excellent seed coverage, and industry-leading dust-off reduction and coating retention, the application of SCP2020 ensures seed treatment uniformity and protects the seed treatment investment, while also reducing potential environmental exposure risk.”

The new PRISM product can be applied with all seed treatment pesticides or other seed-applied products through commercial seed-treating equipment. The easy-to-handle formulation provides excellent mixing and slurry compatibility.

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