STK REGEV Launched in the Philippines - First ‘Hybrid’ Fungicide

2nd December 2019
STK bio-ag technologies, the innovative Israel – based leader in sustainable crop protection and aquaculture, has launched world first ‘hybrid’ foliar fungicide STK REGEV in the Philippines for use on rice to prevent sheath blight and rice blast, and for bananas to protect against black sigatoka.
STK REGEV is a hybrid product combining botanical plant extract with conventional chemistry. STK REGEV brings high efficacy, reduces chemical load and residues compared to other mixtures of conventional chemistry. STK REGEV has multiple modes of action and is an excellent resistance management tool. This hybrid product is a ‘bridge’, enabling growers who have never used any biological product to experience for the first time the unique values and benefits of sustainable and conventional crop protection.
Field test data has shown STK REGEV® performs as well or better than  leading chemical  fungicides. According to Arye Tenenbaum (STK Group CEO), “STK Philippines is now offering STK REGEV, so growers wishing to try it may contact our Philippines Country Manager, Arturo Alejar Jr. at   We are also happy to answer questions on TIMOREX GOLD, STK’s renowned botanical-based biofungicide, which Philippines growers have been using with great success for many years on a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.”
STK REGEV is currently used successfully in six countries in various regions of the world, with plans for additional expansion in the USA, Mexico and Turkey in 2020.