Corporate Responsibility

DKSH achieves climate-neutrality in founding markets

11th September 2019
 Following the company’s expansion to Asia more than 150 years ago, the founding markets of DKSH are once again in the spotlight. DKSH has signed a partnership with Plant-for-the-Planet and achieved climate-neutrality for the first time in the Philippines, Japan, Singapore and Switzerland. Additionally, DKSH is compensating CO2-emissions from air travel in these markets.
Plant-for-the-Planet was launched as a student initiative in 2007 and aims to plant 1,000 billion trees globally to absorb CO2-emissions. To achieve this goal, the organization operates its own planting area on the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico and the progress is monitored by the Crowther Lab of ETH Zurich. Together with Plant-for-the-Planet, DKSH will plant around 50,000 trees per year to absorb its own CO2 emissions. On top of this, DKSH has already set its founding markets and air travel climate-neutral with the purchase of CO2 certificates from gold-standard projects.
Children’s education as so-called Climate Justice Ambassadors is a priority that Plant-for-the-Planet actively drives forward. They act as speakers at events, develop climate protection initiatives and motivate others to plant trees. This complements DKSH’s existing collaboration with Right To Play, where the focus is on children and their well-being as well. With this new partnership, DKSH expands its engagement for children in the area of Sustainability.
Stefan P. Butz, CEO, DKSH, commented: “As a leading Market Expansion Services provider, our business is built on integrity, trust and reliability. This means that we are actively taking responsibility for our business activities. I am proud that we are initiating the compensation of unavoidable emissions in these markets, where the success story of DKSH began more than 150 years ago, and that we are additionally strengthening our engagement for children. In combination with the higher transparency in our reporting and initiatives to improve energy efficiency, we are committed to continually stepping up our sustainability efforts in the years to come.”
Frithjof Finkbeiner, Chairman of the Board of the Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation, welcomes the new partnership with DKSH: „We are pleased that DKSH is taking responsibility and setting its founding markets climate-neutral. The company is choosing to plant as many trees as needed to absorb CO2-emissions in these markets. Additionally, DKSH supports the children’s engagement as Climate Justice Ambassadors and actively contributes to solutions for climate protection.”