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The team behind Skinade unveils new aesthetic treatments

10th June 2019
The team behind Skinade is proud to unveil Skinade|MD and SkinadeTargeted Solutions at FACE 2019, the UK’s premier scientific conference featuring the latest clinical information, practical tips and updates in the field aesthetic treatments. The Skinade|MD Pre+Post Care Programme is exclusively designed for medical professionals, while Skinade Targeted Solutions are designed to target specific concerns and are exclusive to the skincare professional.
Skinade|MD is designed to be integrated into clinical protocols to help patients prepare and recover from surgical or invasive aesthetic procedures, improving results and reducing down time, increasing patient satisfaction and retention. The four-step protocol covers a 45-day period, pre and post procedure. The programme integrates liquid and powder sachets, capsules and a sublingual spray enabling the active ingredients to be consumed with optimal efficacy to improve results and mitigate procedure impact. 
Piers Raper, CEO of Skinade and Skinade|MD says: “Ever increasing numbers of medical practitioners now stock and recommend our Skinade brand. There is a growing demand from top plastic surgeons, committed to clinical excellence, for an internal pre and post care protocol. I am proud and excited to introduce our first exclusive MD product designed to improve clinical results and patient satisfaction.”
Skinade Targeted Solutions is a professional-grade range of products that provide result-driven solutions to specific concerns. The first 3 products in the range are Cellulite, Clear and Vitamin Boost A&D, which all work from the inside out.
Piers Raper says: “Working closely with skincare professionals over the last six years has allowed us to gather valuable insights into key client concerns. This knowledge, combined with the experience that we have gained from creating and growing Skinade – better skin from within, now allows us to formulate new and innovative solutions for the skincare professional. We are excited to launch the first three products in this range and there will be more to come.”