Diverse keynotes cover politics and AI at next week’s CPhI North America

25th April 2019

Continuing the tradition of recruiting high-quality keynote speakers who bring diverse viewpoints and experience to the stage, CPhI North America 2019 serves up two very different but equally compelling speakers next week in former United States Senator Jeff Flake, and Numerate Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder, Dr Brandon Allgood, PhD.

CPhI NA 2019 editorial speakers.png
Renowned for his principled stands on spending and free trade and his shrewd negotiations and bipartisanship on complicated issues such as immigration, former Senator Flake has very vocally defended what he perceives to be the core values of the Republican Party, putting him at odds with the Trump administration. 
Speaking Tuesday 30th April, Senator Flake’s keynote address will share his views on pharma manufacturing, healthcare innovation and the direction of healthcare as he sees it under the United States’ current structure of divided government, as well as scenarios as he sees them for beyond 2020. This discussion comes at a time when healthcare is one of the key and most contentious focal areas of American politics, particularly in the run-up to the 2020 Presidential Election. “Both political parties understand the potency of healthcare as a campaign issue, but in the short term we can expect both parties to play to their base with no significant policy changes – especially in an era of divided government,” said Flake on the current state of the industry. “And in the long-term, the pharmaceutical industry will likely continue its efforts to find new wonder drugs while policymakers grapple with impatient constituents struggling with high prescription drug costs.”   
Wednesday, 1st May sees Brandon Allgood of Numerate, an artificial intelligence-driven drug discovery company, present his keynote address “Why AI is the Future of the Drug Industry,” which will examine the impact that AI is having on our daily lives, and why industries – including the drug industry – are still scrambling to understand and use it. Allgood will introduce the topic of AI and show some current examples from the drug industry where it is already making an impact, in addition to laying out where the industry needs to go, what organizations need to think about, and what can collectively be done to get there.
Allgood not only leads the research and development of Numerate’s AI platform, but also the data science group. He’s the primary technical lead on both internal and collaborative drug discovery programs and is responsible for the company’s technology vision. He has authored publications in machine learning, physics, astronomy, chemistry and biology. He is a co-founder of the Alliance for AI in Healthcare and a member of the Forbes Technology Council.
“AI is changing the way pharma performs research and conducts business, but most within pharma still don't have a good grasp of what AI is (and isn't) and how it can be applied effectively,” said Allgood. “During my keynote, I will introduce the topic in a grounded way because those organizations and people that don't come up to speed on AI will likely be left behind.”
CPhI North America will take place from April 30 to May 2 at Lakeside Center, McCormick Place, Chicago. Both keynotes feed into the show’s central theme of Fostering Innovation in Drug Development and Manufacturing in a New Era of Regulation. Both keynote presentations will be open to all CPhI North America pass types. To register to join the fun next week at CPhI North America, go to