Regulations & EHS&S

SOCMA's EHS Regional Roundtables to focus on importance of safety culture


The Society of Chemical Manufacturers & Affiliates (SOCMA) is pleased to announce it will host three EHS Regional Roundtables this spring, focusing on the importance of establishing a positive safety culture in specialty and fine chemical facilities.

"As good stewards within the specialty and fine chemicals industry, safety is at the very heart of everything we do," said Joe Dettinger, SOCMA's Senior Director of Compliance & Stewardship. "Given the importance of safety, we are using our Regional Roundtables to create an intimate forum where environmental, health and safety experts can convene, share best practices and address common challenges across the industry. These personal information-sharing opportunities are vital to learning how your peers are implementing safety standards."

The Roundtables, which will be held in Pittsburgh, PA, Houston, TX, and Marietta, GA, will focus on the specialty chemical supply chain. Other featured speakers include Louisa Nara, Technical Director at AIChE's Center for Chemical Process Safety, who will provide insight on process safety trends and methodologies, and Jared Rothstein, SOCMA's Senior Manager of Government Relations, who will share an update on the latest legislative and regulatory news from Washington impacting companies throughout the industry.

"For those looking to enhance or grow the safety culture at your facility, I invite you to join us for one or more of our regional meetings," Dettinger said. "Across the industry we are facing many of the same challenges, and learning from each other and sharing best practices will help us build customer confidence, community trust and strengthen product stewardship throughout the supply chain and within the ChemStewards framework."